Welcome to Winter

We feel like out of nowhere it became extremely cold, emphasis on the extremely part. Oregon temperatures this week have dropped into the single digits. For those of you who know, us folks in Oregon, well we''re not used to this type of cold. The average temperatures for Oregon this time of year are in the low to mid- 30''s, it was 8 degrees this morning. The worst part is, there is no snow! When there's snow you would expect this type of cold, but with no snow, its breaking the kid's hearts. So if you wouldn't mind doing a…

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21 Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes

Whether its the homemade smell of pumpkin pie or Turkey with all the trimmings, there is just something about Thanksgiving that warms our hearts. Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends and food! One of our favorites food site, Epicurious.com has compiled a list of their 21 best Thanksgiving recipes and we thought you might be interested! To view all 21 of the recipes from Epicurious.com click the link found here: Top-Rated Thanksgiving Recipes

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