Why choose a Horizontal Murphy bed?

Horizontal Murphy beds are great for people looking to add a Murphy bed but ceiling height or room space is a problem. With most horizontal Murphy beds the projection is typically the same as the width on a queen sized mattress, approximately 64", whereas a vertical Murphy bed has a projection of about 84". This is can make all the difference when you're working with tight or narrow spaces. Now that you've determined you need a horizontal Murphy bed, your next challenge is selecting the right horizontal Murphy bed for both your decor, budget and functionality needs. If your main…

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Introducing the Horizontal Elsa Murphy Bed Collection

We've done it again! Our vertical Elsa Murphy bed has been one of our most popular collections for years, now we've added a horizontal version! Our horizontal Murphy beds have been selling like crazy these days. They work great for spaces with low ceiling or tight space. Remember the projection from the wall on a horizontal Murphy bed is only 64" for a queen size versus a vertical which is 84". Our newest horizontal Murphy bed collection features a drop table on the front face of the bed, this allows you to increase the functionality of your space! Many of our past customers have…

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We’re Back!

We'll we're back to blogging! Our website was having some technical issues which were preventing us from blogging, but our website team has resolved the problems and we're very excited! We truly enjoy sharing interesting facts, items and random tidbits with you, and we hope you enjoy reading our updates. Please let us know if you have any questions you'd like to ask us, or have a interesting website you'd like to share. Email us at contact@wallbedfactory.com

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