Built To Order Murphy Beds

At Old Creek Wall Bed Factory we build our items to order. Because this is not a perishable item, many people neglect to realize the natural aging factor of wood. Our Murphy Beds are made of genuine wood products. As with many genuine wood products, items will change color as they age. Due to this aging, it is important that your entire order is produced close to the same time. This way, when you set your entire piece will age gracefully together.

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Built-in Box Spring Gives Added Comfort

Old Creek Wall Bed Factory fabricates Murphy beds with built-in box springs. Our bed cabinets have an internal framing that allows us to create a solid wood frame to support the mattress. There is no need for a box spring mattress. This also means that you do not have to worry about sag in your mattress or having an uncomfortable bar pressing into your back. Our technology allows you to use most any mattress that is up to 10” thick in your Murphy bed. That means you do not have to pay extra for a specialized mattress! You can feel…

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Better Customer Service

We recently received our first comment from a customer about our performance and we were delighted to see that it was a positive one. Here’s a small snippet of the comment/review: “I would highly recommend this company to anyone. They are friendly, professional and their customer service is the best. They are great!” Comments like these are always enjoyable to receive and make the work we do here at Old Creek Wall Bed Factory ever more rewarding. We have a constant and grueling plan for the next two years to improve our overall service and its small feedback like this…

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