How to Trick Out Your Murphy Bed

This post was inspired by a quote from home-improvement guru Mark Clement, who conducted a thorough hands-on review of one of our Murphy beds back in 2010:

“Wallbed Factory takes the concept of a bed-that-folds-down-out-of-a-cabinet to another level…There are several architectural styles – all solid hardwood – and what I really like is that you can trick them out with side towers, corner desks or light kits. It’s all built-to-order, customizable and affordable.”

As more and more families are simplifying their living space, Murphy beds are increasing in popularity in home design. Not only do they free up valuable floor space, they introduce a fresh new style to any room. Here are some ways to add additional functionality and style, or in other words “trick out your Murphy bed”:

Customize the look of your bed by choosing your own hardware!

Did you know that you can send us your custom hardware and we will install it on your furniture pieces for an additional $60? If you would like to install the hardware yourself, simply request that your furniture be made without hardware for no additional charge.

Customize your stain/paint.

Some of our customers prefer to customize our products with their own wood and stain, so we include unfinished products on each product page. Want us to match your current furniture’s stain? We’re happy to try! Contact our Customer Service department and/or end us a sample of what you’re looking for and we’ll have our finishing experts take a look and call you with their analysis.

Add ambiance and functionality by installing a Murphy Bed Light Kit 

Lighting will do wonders for your room!  Many of Wallbed’s Murphy beds can be upgraded with an optional light kit with 3 varying settings. All of the light kits operate on a touch sensor, which is located on the head board of your Murphy bed. Each light kit has 3 brightness settings, based on your own personal preferences.

Increase storage space by adding Bookcases

Our bookcases work beautifully with our Murphy beds. You can customize them to be any size, finish and color you need.  Bookcases come in Oak, Maple, Coffee Bean, Bourbon, White and unfinished wood.  Adding a bookcase is a great way to create an elegant home library while maintaining the utility of a Murphy bed.Click here to visit our FAQ page more ideas on how to customize your Murphy bed!