Recycling Center

As part of Wallbed Factory’s continued commitment to be a green company, Wallbed Factory has created a very comprehensive employee recycling center. Our employees are pretty “hard-core” when it comes to recycling, it may also be that we”re all Oregonians and we simply feel guilty throwing anything away.

Wallbed Factory’s recycling center features separate bins for paper, plastic, cans and various computer and electronic items. Our unique system guarantees that things are going in the proper place and that the employees at the Recycling Center don”t have a tough time sorting through everything.

We are very diligent, because we do not have recycling service at our offices we make a trip to our local recycling center to drop off all of our items. We highly recommend making the effort to recycle, even if you have to drop off the recycling yourself, it makes a world of difference!.