15 Ways to Prepare Your Guest Room for Summer Visitors

One of the top reasons customers come to us for a Murphy bed is to create more comfortable accomodations for visiting friends and relatives.

Now that summer is here, chances are you will be hosting guests in your home in the next few weeks (or days!). Hosting visitors can be stressful, but if you prepare in advance and add some special touches to make them feel welcome and comfortable, you may actually relax and enjoy the time visiting with your guests.

Comfortable sleep is one of the most important things a houseguest needs, so here are some tips to create a welcoming guest room where your visitors will feel right at home and you will feel like a rockstar host:

  • 1. Thoroughly clean the room: Remove any clutter, dust windows and baseboards, vacuum and/or mop the floor.
  • 2. Empty the trash and provide extra garbage bags.
  • 3. Make the bed with clean, fresh bed linens (preferably your best).
  • 4. Make sure you have enough comfortable pillows for everyone.
  • 5. Place extra blankets at the end of each bed for your visitor to prevent awkward middle of the night searches.
  • 6. Stock your guest room with essentials your vistors will appreciate such as magazines, books, reading light, clean hand towels, washcloths, bath towels, soaps, shampoos, lotions, bottled water and snacks, extra toilet paper.
  • 7. Set out a small vase with fresh flowers.
  • 8. Leave out scented candles and a book of matches.
  • 9. Provide bedside tables equipped with a light for reading, an alarm clock and a box of tissues.
  • 10. Put a nightlight in the hall outside the bedroom
  • 11. Empty a drawer in the dresser and a shelf on the bookshelf for storage and open some space in the closet with empty hangers.
  • 12. Provide your Wifi password and/or create a guest account on your computer so that your visitor may check email and use the Internet without having access to your personal files and information./li>
  • 13. Provide special touches such as travel brochures, maps, coupons for nearby restaurants and attractions, A list of nearby businesses of interest or convenience
  • 14. Point out available electrical outlets
  • 15. Provide a space for a suitcase, such as a bench where visitors can also sit when removing shoes.