Many of Wallbed Murphy bed can be upgraded with an optional light kit with 3 varying settings. Light kits plug into any standard outlet and if need be, you can run an extension cord to the nearest outlet if the cord provided is not long enough. The Murphy bed light kit is a nice option if you or your guests enjoy bedtime reading!

All of the light kits operate on a touch sensor, which is located on the head board of your Murphy bed. Once your bed has been installed and the lights have been plugged in, simply tap the touch sensor on your head board activating the 1st light setting. Each light kit has 3 brightness settings, chose based on your own personal preferences.

Worried your lights may be a fire hazard? No need to fret, Old Creek’s Murphy bed light kits have a “kill switch.” Once someone goes to lift the bed up to return it to its closed position, the “kill switch” will automatically turn off your lights!

Murphy Bed Light Kit - The Wallbed Factory