Dear Loyal Customers

As you may have all noticed by now, we have upgraded all of our product lines to 100% solid wood construction! Not only does this bring you a stronger and more beautiful product, but a more eco-friendly one as well. With these upgrades, you may have also noticed that our product prices have gone up as well. The reason for these increases is two-fold:

Firstly, utilizing all wood solids inherently comes with a cost. Manufactured materials are much less expensive than wood solids, but consequently are less durable as well. For us, the jump is really worth it to be able to continue to bring you a quality product.

Secondly, unfortunately we must adapt with our economy, and due to inflation the price increases are a necessary evil. We do our best to bring you a quality product at a price that is affordable, and we work hard to keep prices as low as possible. To really drive this home, we’re offering a sale on all of our products that have been upgraded to 100% plywood, lasting through February 26th!

You can learn more about our ongoing Green Initiative here, and as always we thank you!