Murphy Beds by Realtors

Recently we were featured in Greg Adamson’s newsletter on the benefits of adding a Murphy Bed to your home and getting dual-use out of your room. This is a great idea and we thank him for his recommendation. Below you will find an excerpt of his newsletter: “A fellow in San Francisco named Murphy invented the first wall bed more than a hundred years ago for a studio apartment. The original “Murphy Bed” used springs and required constant adjustment. The modern wall beds use state-of-the-art piston lift mechanisms that never need adjustments and will work flawlessly for many years. Most homes in West Fullerton have at least a couple tiny 10’ x11’ bedrooms where the use of a wall bed can dramatically improve the usefulness of the room. A small guest bedroom is often wasted space because a bed that is infrequently used is taking up precious floor space. The wall bed is available when you need it and is tucked away when you don’t. It only takes up 16” of wall space so you can still get good use from the room. I’ve recently integrated a wall bed with side-tower, complementary corner computer desk, and custom dresser from the Wall-Bed-Factory. If you have a mechanical aptitude and enjoy woodworking you may want to get the plans for a wall bed and all the hardware for only $299 at and build it yourself. Or, if you don’t have a mechanical aptitude, you can buy the finished product and have it shipped to your home in 3-4 weeks by Wallbed Factory. Their website is or you can call them for a free brochure at 1-800-975-8451. These folks have done an excellent job of working out all the details. When it arrived, John Prunean, a local contractor 714-277-7333, installed the wall bed in less than an hour. We are delighted with the furniture from the Wallbed Factory. It made our smallest bedroom useful and I’m confident many people in West Fullerton will get more enjoyment and use from their existing homes with this special furniture designed to make the most of small bedrooms. Because it uses standard size mattresses, we bought a mattress from Custom Comfort Mattress in Fullerton with a latex toper to go into the wall bed frame. Nowadays, it is smart to get double-duty from ever room.” Greg Adamson is located near Fullerton, California. Make sure to give him a call on his business line at 714-738-1600 or on his pager at 714-764-8880.