5 Ways to Keep Your Home Cool Without Air Conditioning

With temperatures rising outside it can be hard to enjoy the activities that summer months offer, especially when that heat travels indoors. The natural response to high temperatures is to install an air conditioning system in your home, but this can prove to be a costly venture both to your pocket book and the environment. To help you avoid these costs we’ve selected five tips to keep your home cool in the summer without air conditioning.

Insulate your attic: Just like a drafty attic in the winter time can make your home feel a little on the arctic side, an under insulated attic can remove any chance of a cool breeze wafting through in summer months. Whether or not you have air conditioning installed in your home, taking the time to insulate your attic can greatly reduce the chances of cold air escaping, as well as lower your electricity bill.

Block the Sun: Inexpensive and easy to install, heat reflecting window film can significantly lower the temperature in your home during warm summer months. Not only do they reduce heat entry, but they prevent sun glare and ultraviolet light from damaging your furniture.

Plant deciduous trees: Large trees or bushes near sun-facing windows can provide enough shade to have an impact on your indoor temperature. While planting now will not yield immediate results, when properly cared for these plants can last as long as your home, meaning years and years of relief.

Keep Air Flowing: Fans keep air moving throughout your home, and this constant movement makes your home feel cooler. Portable fans work well, but if you have a home heating system or a whole house fan, utilizing the “fan only” setting will keep air moving and remove warm air.

Lower the humidity: The more moisture that is in the air of your home the warmer it will be. To lower the humidity, try to avoid tasks that create moisture during the day, such as running the dishwasher or taking a hot shower. When these tasks cannot be avoided, be sure to utilize ventilation to remove as much moisture as possible.