Better Customer Service

We recently received our first comment from a customer about our performance and we were delighted to see that it was a positive one. Here’s a small snippet of the comment/review: “I would highly recommend this company to anyone. They are friendly, professional and their customer service is the best. They are great!” Comments like these are always enjoyable to receive and make the work we do here at Wallbed Factory ever more rewarding. We have a constant and grueling plan for the next two years to improve our overall service and its small feedback like this that gives you a little kick in your step to keep moving forward. Our Commitment to the Customer-first Model. We tirelessly review ourselves and make changes to our operations not because it easy but because when the customer comes first, you have to reach the highest levels. Anytime you migrate away from this outlook, you’ve lost your way in business.\r\n\r\nWhat’s amazed me through the years is a constant trend amongst companies that put other people, values, or worst, the shareholders in front of the customer; that’s ridiculous. We will always put the customer first; period. It’s the way successful companies are built and the only way we can see ourselves qualified enough to warrant your business.