Cheap Summer Staycation Ideas

Looking for ways to have fun this summer but still keep your budget in check? Here’s a thought…. Staycations! Not familiar with a staycation? It’s a pretty ingenious idea, instead of flying, driving or paying an excessive amount of money to get away for a few days, plan something local and get to know your city.

We’ve put together a small list of some of our favorite staycations to share with you.

1. Go for a bike ride. Find a new bike path or trail in your area, make a day of it. Bring a small lunch and plenty of water, take the family, invite some friends, whatever sounds good to you.2. Local Farmer’s Market. Farmer’s Markets are great, inexpensive way to enjoy your Saturday/Sunday mornings. This is also a fantastic way to support local businesses and get some wholesome fruits and veggies. Before you bring Bernard your well-manner Golden, check to see if your local market is doggie friendly.

3. Visit the local Observatory. Probably not something you’ve never thought of doing, right? Visit their website and take a peek at their calendar to determine what type of upcoming events or exhibits will interest you and your loved ones.

4. Find a new Park. Look for new parks in your area, if the weather permits, see if any of the parks have any water features (for playing in). Pack the following: water, hat, sunscreen SPF 30, bite sized sandwiches and/or other favorite finger foods and prepare for a long day of water, sun and fun!

Get out there and start enjoying your city!