Delivery Procedures

When preparing for the delivery of your wall bed there are several factors to be prepared for. It is important that you are aware of what will be expected on your behalf during the delivery of your Murphy Bed, as well as to know what to expect of the delivery company.

Inspecting Your Murphy Bed

Upon first receipt of your bed, it is highly important to fully inspect the package for any damage. In most cases, any damage claims can only be made if discovery of the damage was noted with the delivery personnel present. Because of this, you will want to make sure that you thoroughly inspect the packaging and the Murphy Bed itself to ensure that there is no damage.

Curbside V. In-Home Delivery

When purchasing your Murphy Bed it is important to read carefully the shipping terms offered by the company. Many companies provide different levels of delivery service, and depending upon your unique situation it may be beneficial to take advantage of higher value delivery services. Curbside delivery is standard among most delivery companies, and requires the most preparation on your behalf. In this situation your Murphy Bed will be delivered to your home, but it is not guaranteed that it will be brought into the house or even taken off of the delivery truck. Some Companies may offer a more premium level of shipping that includes bringing the Murphy Bed into the house, unpacking it, and even installing it for an additional fee.


Before your Murphy Bed is delivered, it can beneficial to look over the installation instructions, if they are provided on the company’s website or through other literature. Knowing ahead of time the proper tools and assistance you will need to correctly install your Murphy Bed can save you time and effort, and lead to quicker enjoyment of your Murphy Bed. If you choose to invest in a premium level of delivery, ask ahead of time how much room the delivery team will need to operate in, and if any tools or portions of the installation will be required on your behalf. In many cases, even with premium delivery service, you will be responsible for mounting the Murphy Bed in your home, for liability reasons.

Once your Murphy Bed has been delivered and installed, you can usually breath a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, over time anything can happen, so it is extremely important to be educated when it comes to your wall bed’s warranty. Keep coming back as we discuss the ins and outs of Murphy Bed Warranties.