History of Murphy Beds

Murphy Beds, the bedding idea of 1900 was invented by American William Lawrence Murphy (1876–1959) from San Francisco. The original space-saving Murphy Bed would fold into a wall closet. Murphy patented his “In-A-Dor” bed in 1908 and in 1918, he introduced the pivot bed that pivoted on a doorjamb of a dressing closet, and then lowered into a sleeping position – some of which are still in use today.Since the original wall bed in 1900, Murphy Beds have undergone quite a bit of renovation. Today, you can purchase a Murphy Bed equipped with technically advanced air pistons, which are far superior to the old spring mechanism (Learn more about air pistons in our Buyers Guide). Murphy Beds today also function as an integral part of your home’s furnishings, being offered in beautiful woods, finishes and styles. No longer do you need to hide them away in your closets, losing additional storage space.