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The Taste of Locally Grown

Well this burst of sunshine has renewed my spirits and I am excited for summer to officially begin. In Oregon(as I’m sure this is true with many other states as well), we love our local farmer’s markets. I can remember when I was younger getting up at 7am every Saturday morning to head off to the Beaverton Farmer’s Market with the entire family. As I have previously stated, I come from a foodie family, we love our meals and even m ore than that we love talking about food. My mother had a few favorite vendors, the Artichoke lady, the German Sausage lady, the salsa family, etc. Each weekend we would hit up these vendors first picking the best locally grown produce possible.

I encourage you to seek out your local farmer’s markets this Spring and Summer, learn how to pick your produce from the local farmer. Sure sometimes it may be a bit more spendy, but its the overall experience.

Here are a few of my local favorites: