What Does it Mean to be Green?

With our recent announcement of our company “going green” and moving to 100% wood solids in the construction of our Murphy beds and other furniture pieces, it has raised the question of how exactly does this benefit you the customer. For us, there are a multitude of reasons why going green is not only a practical solution for our environment, but a healthier option for you.

Each of our products are now constructed using 100% wood solids. This means that you won”t find any MDF or particle board, substances frequently used in other company”s Murphy beds. What particle board is, essentially, is a solid board of highly compressed particles, some of which are natural but most of which are not. Solid woods are not only more eco-friendly, but they also allow us to create a product that will be more lasting in your home.

Another factor in our green mission is to eliminate the use of harmful chemicals in the construction of our beds, primarily formaldehyde and urea. These chemicals go hand in hand with furniture manufactured using particle board and types of melamine laminates–but you won”t find them in our products! With other Murphy beds you could be subjecting your family and friends to countless nights spent sleeping in close proximity to harmful chemicals!

Going green is a logical step–nay, leap!–into a healthier future. If you have any questions about Wallbed Factory’s green mission, the steps that we take to be green and maintain this greenness, or about our company in general, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service department.