What is a Murphy Bed?

A Murphy Bed, also known as a wall bed, folding bed, or hide-a-bed is a functional furniture piece that can transform any room into a bedroom instantly. How? In its most basic form, a Murphy Bed is a bed that is stored vertically against a wall, but can be lowered quickly and easily into a fully functional bed when needed. The bed is contained within a cabinet when not engaged, providing a unique centerpiece to your room. These beds are able to utilize vertical space to store a bed without consuming valuable floor space. Therefore, they are the perfect addition to any room that you would like to double as a guest bedroom or for smaller bedrooms that have limited floor space.

The Murphy Bed market has grown in the past decade as people either downsize their homes or decide to make better use of their existing floor space. With more and more companies offering this unique bed style, it can be difficult to navigate through the many options now available. It is our goal to educate you, the buyer, on the things you should take into consideration before you make an investment in a Murphy Bed. As such, each week we will be posting a new article on the different factors that go into choosing and buying a Murphy Bed. The articles will cover pivotal topics such as the types of mechanisms and materials used to build Murphy Beds, finishes and styles available, company characteristics to watch for, and finally, delivery and installation procedures. These posts are compiled and provided by Wallbed Factory, however, they are intended to provide unbiased information.* It is our hope that you will find them useful in your search for the ideal Murphy Bed.

*Please note that each company is unique in its policies and product. The information we are providing is simply a summary based on the general Murphy Bed market.