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Why choose a Horizontal Murphy bed?

Horizontal Murphy beds are great for people looking to add a Murphy bed but ceiling height or room space is a problem. With most horizontal Murphy beds the projection is typically the same as the width on a queen sized mattress, approximately 64″, whereas a vertical Murphy bed has a projection of about 84″. This is can make all the difference when you’re working with tight or narrow spaces.

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Now that you’ve determined you need a horizontal Murphy bed, your next challenge is selecting the right horizontal Murphy bed for both your decor, budget and functionality needs. If your main concern is money then stick to a basic Murphy bed, one that will accomplish the primary goal of being a guest bed when needed and out of the way when not. You should also look for a product that will get you the most “bang for your buck,” meaning look for a product that is not only sturdy but will last you a long time. What’s the point of saving $200 if your bed breaks in less than 5 year, whereas you could have spent the $200 extra to get a better product that lasts 10 years.

If decor is your main objective, find a Murphy bed dealer that has a wide variety of options or at least can customize your Murphy bed the way you want it. Many vendors can create a range of custom modifications that will only minimally increase the costs. If you’re looking for a full built in or a completely custom design, just keep in mind the cost is going to go up.


Searching for a bed with the most amount of functionality is the fun part! You can find Murphy beds with just about anything on the front of it. Many Murphy bed vendors have horizontal beds with chalk boards, cork boards, white boards, or drop tables on the front of them. The possibilities are endless in most cases.