How to Spot A Company That Cares: The Good and the Bad of Customer Service

One of the main indicators of quality in any company is the way that they treat their customers. When shopping for the right company to purchase your wall bed from it is important to recognize good and bad customer service. Buying a wall bed should be more than a purchase, but an investment in a piece of your home and the company you choose to work with should reflect positive values.

With technology quickly becoming the primary means of business, most companies have a website representing their products and services. When browsing the websites of wall bed companies there are several factors to look for.

*Does the website have a Contact Us page readily available from their homepage, or do they make you search around for ways to contact them? Does their contact page only allow you to email them, or do they offer a toll free number for you to contact them free of charge?

*Does the company offer warranties or return policies for their products? How easy is it for you to process a return?

*If you do decide to purchase a wall bed from a company, what type of product support do they offer on the back-end? Is there someone you can call if you experience issues installing or assembling your wall bed, or just have general questions or concerns?

*Does the company list any testimonials or customer recommendations? How do others rate their customer service experience with the company?

All of these are factors you should look for when you are on a wall bed company’s website and are searching out a company with high customer satisfaction standards.

Although the internet and websites can be an effective way of communication between a company and its customers, it is still important to have customer service available over the phone. Speaking directly with a representative of the company you plan to purchase your wall bed from can be the best way to get detailed information about your purchase and any policies you may have missed on the website. Speaking with a member of the company can also give you a good feel for the company itself to help you determine if you would like to purchase your wall bed from them.

Whether you are visiting a company’s website or speaking with them directly, you should be greeted by staff that is polite, professional and knowledgeable about their product and company. It is important that you feel you can build a trusting relationship them, especially when you are making an investment as large as adding a wall bed to your home. A staff that is knowledgeable and friendly reflects positively on the company and the level of service that they provide.

Once you have developed a sense of the level of customer service that a company offers, there are several other factors to consider before making the final decision. Keep coming back for our continued exploration into selecting a wall bed company!