Murphy Bed Mounting Options: Floor vs. Wall

Once you have decided on what type of mechanism you would like your Murphy bed to utilize (read Deciphering the Mechanism Market below to learn more), the next step is to consider the way in which the bed will be mounted in your home. There are two ways to install a Murphy bed.

Floor Mounting

Mounting to the Floor

Some systems require that the unit be drilled into the floor of the room. These are generally systems that rely on spring mechanisms. Mounting a Murphy bed unit into the floor provides grounded stability and truly makes your Murphy bed a fixture in your home, but it is important to note the long-term effects of mounting on your floor. Most floor-mount systems call for a solid mounting surface, requiring any carpeting to be cut away which can permanently damage your floor. In addition to marking your floors, floor mount systems are difficult, if not impossible to move once installed.

The “False Floor” Option

There are several Murphy Bed manufacturers that offer a “false floor” option, where the Murphy Bed is attached to a specifically cut piece of plywood, which is then attached to the wall or baseboards. This option is ideal for those who have settled on a Murphy bed requiring floor mounting, but want to preserve the appearance of their flooring.

Wall Mounting

Mounting to the Wall

Systems that require the Murphy bed be mounted to the wall are most commonly used with piston mechanisms. Mounting to the wall provides a much less permanent fixture in your home, as wall mount systems can be easily moved and incur very little damage to the structure of your room. The most common way in which a Murphy bed is mounted to the wall is by locating three studs, and then attaching the back panel of the Murphy bed to those studs with the use of a drill. Utilizing studs in your wall creates a stable foundation for your Murphy bed. It also allows you to reposition your Murphy bed if need be later on.

Different Wall Types

When deciding on a wall mounted Murphy bed, take into consideration the wall you will be using. Is the wall made of sheet rock, concrete or bricks? While most manufacturers provide solutions for all types of walls, certain wall types will require additional installation steps.

Deciding between floor mount and wall mount styles of Murphy beds, and how they best fit into your home is an important choice. Be sure to investigate all of your options early on in your decision making process, and when you have decided which style is right for you, you will be one step closer to enjoying your Murphy bed.