Small Space Decorating Ideas

101 Ideas: Decorating a small apartment in style

Design tricks can make your space look, feel bigger.

By e and Garden Television

Just because your home is pint-size doesn’t mean you have to live with pint-size home décor. Try these tricks of the trade on for size, and you’ll find that your small apartment has never looked bigger.

— You don’t have to live with standard-issue apartment venetian blinds. Add a touch of drama and create a more comfortable feel with curtains, and consider the tricks you can do with curtains to make your space bigger. Hang them outside the window or even where there are no windows. Hang them floor-to-ceiling to create height or have them flow from a cornice that hides the curtain rod.

— Lucite tables or chairs and glass tops all give the impression of openness while still delivering the function you need.

— Add light up, down and all around to create interest and the feeling of space.

— Unless you’re trying to make a statement with a dramatic, overstuffed couch in the room, your small space will probably feel better with moderately sized or even slightly smaller furnishings. It’s all about scale.

— Because most apartments are boxlike, it’s fun to add some curves. Try round tables, chairs with a curve and rugs that are adorned with shapes like spirals and dots.

— A light rug can open up your room and make it feel larger. If your apartment came with stained or dark wall-to-wall carpeting, cover that up with a rug in a lighter hue.

— Contrary to what you might think, small spaces don’t have to forgo a bed with lots of linens and fabrics. Layers and an elegant mix of colors, prints and pillows can make a space seem airier and give depth to what is almost always one of the biggest pieces in the apartment.

— An old solution for cramped spaces has come back into style for good reason: Today’s Murphy beds pop out of sight and look great when they’re in use.

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