Murphy Bed Warranties

When you purchase your folding bed, you are making an investment in your home and it is important to know that it will last as long as you need it to. Unfortunately, things can break or wear down, and a folding bed is no exception. Because of this, knowing the warranties regarding your folding bed can be very helpful in the event that it should become defective.

Mechanism Warranties

The most common element of a folding bed that has a warranty associated with it will be the mechanism. Because this is so elemental in the function and use of your folding bed it is fitting that this be the most important warranty. The longer the warranty is for your folding bed mechanism, the more confidence that you can have in the company and in the product. A shortened warranty period may be a sign that the mechanism is not designed to last an extended amount of time, putting you out of luck if it breaks. It is also important to read the warranty thoroughly to prevent any confusion over what is covered and what is not in the event of a defect.

Murphy Bed Warranties and Repair Policies

Warranties on folding beds will vary from company to company. Some companies have repair teams that they can send directly to your home to fix or replace damaged or broken parts of your folding bed. Companies may also simply send you the pieces necessary to repair your folding bed, leaving you to conduct any repairs. Reading through these specific warranties and repair policies is important, especially if your folding bed will be used regularly.

A folding bed should be a lasting fixture in your home, and one that you are able to enjoy year after year. We hope that this series of blog posts have been helpful in your decision making process towards purchasing a folding bed. Keep coming back for updates and additions, as the wall bed industry is always growing!