Small Space Living

We understand the difficulty of styling a small space (remember we sell Murphy beds). So whenever we find interesting sites, we always are inclined to share. Recently we came across this blog, Loving. Living. Small, they have fantastic ideas!

This blog is all about spaces under 1000 square feet, now that can be quiet a challenge! I speak from personal experience, my first apartment out of college was under 900 square feet, I struggled constantly with the lack of space and then with actually making the space I had look good. Making the most of any space can be a trial, but when you are so limited it seems impossible. A lot of the larger furniture stores are catching on this and making pieces which are specifically designed for smaller spaces.

The blogger focuses on designing spaces with a pop of color and modern flare. She’ll take a look or design and break it down into 4 categories: Simply Put, What I Love, Small Space Connection and Connect. This way you can take a larger design and apply it more simply to a small space. We would highly recommend you give it a read.