The Pros and Cons of Company Location

The location of the company you plan to purchase a wall bed from can be a very influential part of the decision making process. While your decision should be chiefly based upon the wall beds and how they fulfill your personal needs and wants, there can be influential factors regarding a company’s location. Whether you are worried about shipping costs, taxation or the possibility of visiting a showroom, it is important to look into company’s that are both near and far from you to ensure that all of your needs are met. Showroom Availability Choosing a company that is locally…

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How to Spot A Company That Cares: The Good and the Bad of Customer Service

One of the main indicators of quality in any company is the way that they treat their customers. When shopping for the right company to purchase your wall bed from it is important to recognize good and bad customer service. Buying a wall bed should be more than a purchase, but an investment in a piece of your home and the company you choose to work with should reflect positive values. With technology quickly becoming the primary means of business, most companies have a website representing their products and services. When browsing the websites of wall bed companies there are…

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Wall Bed Exteriors: Veneers and Melamines

Wall Bed Exteriors: Veneers and Melamines Achieving the Look You Want: Veneers and Finishes During your search for the perfect wall bed, you’ll run into many industry related terms that may throw you for a loop. One of the terms you’ll run into over and over again is ‘veneer’. What is a veneer and how does it play into your purchasing decision. A veneer is essentially a thin layer of material placed over a core panel to provide consumers with benefits that they could not achieve with solid wood alone. Some of these benefits include warp prevention, aesthetics and lower…

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Another Happy Customer

'We always love customer comments! "Gentlemen, and Ladies, I would like to thank everyone involved in the “Mayes” Wall Bed order. The order was placed several months ago from my California home and the delivery scheduled April 1 at an Arizona residence. The bed arrived in perfect shape, exactly as it had been shipped, on the scheduled date. In my experience this is a remarkable feat. I had some very nervous hours expecting difficulties in this process, since I have rarely had such good service from orders placed at local stores fro merchandise.\r\n\r\n The bed is in, and looks and…

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Wall Beds and What They’re Made Of

In today’s wall bed market there are a number of wood materials wall beds are constructed out of. Four of the main materials used in constructing a wall bed are Particle Board, MDF Board, Plywood, and Solid Wood. Each material has unique qualities that lend themselves to the operation and structure of your wall bed. Each material type is outlined below to give you a better understanding of why it is used, what it is best used for, and what to look for when choosing your perfect wall bed. Particle Board Particle Board is an engineered material used primarily for…

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Vertical Wall Beds versus Horizontal Wall Beds

When you have decided on which type of mounting is the best option for your home, the next factor to consider is the spatial alignment of your wall bed. While looking at all of your options, it is important to evaluate not only the floor space that you have available for the wall bed to operate in, but the wall and ceiling space as well. There are two wall bed configurations to consider and each one lends itself to different space arrangements. Vertical Wall Beds Vertical wall bed systems are the more traditional, upright wall beds. In this configuration, the…

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Murphy Bed Mounting Options: Floor vs. Wall

Once you have decided on what type of mechanism you would like your Murphy bed to utilize (read Deciphering the Mechanism Market below to learn more), the next step is to consider the way in which the bed will be mounted in your home. There are two ways to install a Murphy bed. Floor Mounting Mounting to the Floor Some systems require that the unit be drilled into the floor of the room. These are generally systems that rely on spring mechanisms. Mounting a Murphy bed unit into the floor provides grounded stability and truly makes your Murphy bed a…

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Deciphering the Murphy Bed Mechanism Market

When you decide to add a Murphy Bed into your home, determining exactly what you want and where to find it can seem a daunting task. It is important to consider each aspect of a Murphy Bed individually, to ensure that the product you purchase is exactly what you are looking for. One of the first factors to take into consideration when determining what type of Murphy Bed is right for you is the mechanism used. The mechanism in a Murphy Bed is the most basic element of its construction, as the mechanism dictates nearly all of the facets of…

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What is a Murphy Bed?

A Murphy Bed, also known as a wall bed, folding bed, or hide-a-bed is a functional furniture piece that can transform any room into a bedroom instantly. How? In its most basic form, a Murphy Bed is a bed that is stored vertically against a wall, but can be lowered quickly and easily into a fully functional bed when needed. The bed is contained within a cabinet when not engaged, providing a unique centerpiece to your room. These beds are able to utilize vertical space to store a bed without consuming valuable floor space. Therefore, they are the perfect addition…

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Our Newest Murphy Bed

We are excited to announce the debut of our newest Murphy bed, the Hudson. The handcrafted Hudson Murphy wall bed is the epitome of style and our most quality wall bed to date. The Hudson Murphy bed looks and feels handmade – because it is! Each Hudson Murphy bed is intricately handcrafted with detailed trim work and a six step finishing process that transforms it from an ordinary wall bed to a centerpiece you can be proud to display in your home. Our Hudson queen wall beds are built to order with maple or oak wood (in honey or cherry…

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Greg Adamsom’s In-house Pictures

Our commitment to the best customer service coupled with quality products sure is paying off. We just received pictures from Greg Adamsom who was kind enough to write us a letter, take some pictures of his order and send them in. So we wanted to take the time to share them with you. Here is his letter: "I am very pleased with the furniture I have received from Wallbed Factory and I’d like to compliment your company on doing a great job. Good furniture, like a good haircut, looks natural and fantastic. The beautiful wall bed, tower, corner desk, and…

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SEO Worksheet

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as many already know, is an important element to any online presence. At Wallbed Factory, we employ “white-hat” (a.k.a well-intentioned method) SEO strategies to help search engines understand what it is that we do and help customers find us. We’ve developed a worksheet that we use to audit our site. It only details on-page optimization and does not go into any details about the vast amount of information outside of on-page optimization but it should prove useful. Anyways, here it is, hope you enjoy it. SEO Optimization

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Built To Order Murphy Beds

At Wallbed Factory we build our items to order. Because this is not a perishable item, many people neglect to realize the natural aging factor of wood. Our Murphy Beds are made of genuine wood products. As with many genuine wood products, items will change color as they age. Due to this aging, it is important that your entire order is produced close to the same time. This way, when you set your entire piece will age gracefully together.

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Built-in Box Spring Gives Added Comfort

Wallbed Factory fabricates Murphy beds with built-in box springs. Our bed cabinets have an internal framing that allows us to create a solid wood frame to support the mattress. There is no need for a box spring mattress. This also means that you do not have to worry about sag in your mattress or having an uncomfortable bar pressing into your back. Our technology allows you to use most any mattress that is up to 10” thick in your Murphy bed. That means you do not have to pay extra for a specialized mattress! You can feel assured that your…

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Better Customer Service

We recently received our first comment from a customer about our performance and we were delighted to see that it was a positive one. Here’s a small snippet of the comment/review: “I would highly recommend this company to anyone. They are friendly, professional and their customer service is the best. They are great!” Comments like these are always enjoyable to receive and make the work we do here at Wallbed Factory ever more rewarding. We have a constant and grueling plan for the next two years to improve our overall service and its small feedback like this that gives you…

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