The weather is still hot, hot, hot!

For some of you the weather may be rainy or getting colder, but here in the high desert, we're experiencing a heat wave! This weekend we've had temperatures in the high 80's - low 90's, which has meant; extra time floating the Deschutes River, outdoor grilling, sun tan lines, and so much more! Image Source: Image Source: We had such a long rainy/snowy winter here in Bend, we practically skipped spring all together. So right when most of us would expect to be getting the fall rain jackets out of storage, mother nature throws a curve ball at…

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Need some inspiration?

We love design, we love design blogs and we love design blogs about furniture! So when we recently discovered a list of the top 25 design blogs, we just knew we had to spread the word! has put together their list of the top 25 design blogs and we'll be completely honest, we love it! They've made it super easy to gather ideas, inspiration, and new concepts. For the complete list click here, otherwise keep reading to learn about their top 3 (which are personal favorites for us)! 1. Design Sponge We've been pretty big fans of design sponge for sometime…

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Installation is Easy

You've got questions, we've got answers. One of the biggest questions we receive either via email or by phone is: What about Installation? The installation of our piston mechanism beds can be completed by virtually anyone. We provide you with everything you need (except the drill gun and stud finder) and you'll have your bed installed in typically under 90 minutes. Your bed will come by LTL Freight, they'll arrange for a delivery appointment with you a day or so in advance. They'll put your order at your curb, from there you've got the rest. Simply open the crate and…

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Small Space Living

We understand the difficulty of styling a small space (remember we sell Murphy beds). So whenever we find interesting sites, we always are inclined to share. Recently we came across this blog, Loving. Living. Small, they have fantastic ideas! This blog is all about spaces under 1000 square feet, now that can be quiet a challenge! I speak from personal experience, my first apartment out of college was under 900 square feet, I struggled constantly with the lack of space and then with actually making the space I had look good. Making the most of any space can be a trial,…

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Mother’s Day is in 5 Days!

What have you gotten dear old mom? Nothing? Well, you're in luck, it just so happens Wallbed Factory is having their annual Mother's Day Murphy bed Sale! Yep, it's true. All Murphy beds have been discounted $200. So what are you waiting for? Mother's Day is in 5 Days. It's okay if her bed doesn't get to her in time for Sunday's big day. At least you can put an image inside the card of the bed you ordered for her. Or better yet, let her pick out her own bed. Tell her to go wild and design the room…

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Are you a blogging fool?

Calling all bloggers! Tell us about your blog and why you started blogging, perhaps you'll feature you on our company blog and link to your blog on our Facebook page. Everyone has a guilty blog pleasure, whether it be reading about someone's quest for 100% vegan cooking, finding the latest tech gadgets, or traveling the globe, most everyone has at least one blog they love to read. I personally write my own blog, and follow about 5 different blogs (that I read every day). Submit your blog via email to, SUBECT:"My Blog Rocks!"

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Small Space Decorating Ideas

101 Ideas: Decorating a small apartment in style Design tricks can make your space look, feel bigger. By e and Garden Television Just because your home is pint-size doesn't mean you have to live with pint-size home décor. Try these tricks of the trade on for size, and you'll find that your small apartment has never looked bigger. — You don't have to live with standard-issue apartment venetian blinds. Add a touch of drama and create a more comfortable feel with curtains, and consider the tricks you can do with curtains to make your space bigger. Hang them outside the…

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Introducing the Farmhouse Murphy Bed

Don't you just love our new design? We poured a lot of energy into creating our newest Murphy bed and we sure hope you like it. The Farmhouse Murphy bed has been in the making for over 3 months. We went through endless revision with our designers and engineer before we got it just perfect. Our Farmhouse Murphy bed is currently on pre-sale until March 31st (when it officially debuts). What is a pre-sale you ask..... a pre-sale essentially means that we are offering customers who purchase early, an extra special discount! Customers who buy during the pre-sale will save…

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Why choose a Horizontal Murphy bed?

Horizontal Murphy beds are great for people looking to add a Murphy bed but ceiling height or room space is a problem. With most horizontal Murphy beds the projection is typically the same as the width on a queen sized mattress, approximately 64", whereas a vertical Murphy bed has a projection of about 84". This is can make all the difference when you're working with tight or narrow spaces. Now that you've determined you need a horizontal Murphy bed, your next challenge is selecting the right horizontal Murphy bed for both your decor, budget and functionality needs. If your main…

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Introducing the Horizontal Elsa Murphy Bed Collection

We've done it again! Our vertical Elsa Murphy bed has been one of our most popular collections for years, now we've added a horizontal version! Our horizontal Murphy beds have been selling like crazy these days. They work great for spaces with low ceiling or tight space. Remember the projection from the wall on a horizontal Murphy bed is only 64" for a queen size versus a vertical which is 84". Our newest horizontal Murphy bed collection features a drop table on the front face of the bed, this allows you to increase the functionality of your space! Many of our past customers have…

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We’re Back!

We'll we're back to blogging! Our website was having some technical issues which were preventing us from blogging, but our website team has resolved the problems and we're very excited! We truly enjoy sharing interesting facts, items and random tidbits with you, and we hope you enjoy reading our updates. Please let us know if you have any questions you'd like to ask us, or have a interesting website you'd like to share. Email us at

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Questions? Just ask us!

This morning we sent an email to all of our newsletter subscribers, didn't get the email? No big deal, just keep reading. At Wallbed Factory, we believe in making sure you have all the answers. This way you can make an informed decision while purchasing a Murphy bed. We invite you to ask any question you may have on our Facebook fan page. You can ask about our products, delivery, installation, competitor products or pirates for that matter. Really there aren't too many things we won't answer. Lucky questions will be answered via our bi-monthly company video cast. Perhaps your…

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April is Tax Season

Well its that time again, your taxes are due April 15th. If you're not an early bird like myself, you may be waiting till the very last minute to file, and hey I don't blame you, I just really enjoy getting my refund as soon as possible. This year I decided to spend some of my refund sprucing up the home. There is such a satisfaction after completing a home project, whether it be spring cleaning or reorganizing the laundry room, it just brings me such joy. With this is in mind, Wallbed Factory wants to help you spruce up…

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The Taste of Locally Grown

Well this burst of sunshine has renewed my spirits and I am excited for summer to officially begin. In Oregon(as I'm sure this is true with many other states as well), we love our local farmer's markets. I can remember when I was younger getting up at 7am every Saturday morning to head off to the Beaverton Farmer's Market with the entire family. As I have previously stated, I come from a foodie family, we love our meals and even m ore than that we love talking about food. My mother had a few favorite vendors, the Artichoke lady, the…

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